A Guide to Humanist Literature


Online Reading

Humanism as the Next Step Lloyd and Mary Morain (complete text)

The Genesis of a Humanist Manifesto Edwin H. Wilson (complete text)

The Philosophy of Humanism Corliss Lamont (complete text)

The Age of Reason Thomas Paine (complete text)

The Origin of Species Charles Darwin (complete text)

The Descent of Man Charles Darwin (complete text)

An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding David Hume (complete text)

An Atheist's Values Richard Robinson

Reason: The Only Oracle of Man Ethan Allen (complete text)

The Demon-Haunted World Carl Sagan

Why People Believe Weird Things Michael Shermer

Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads Through Society Aaron Lynch

The New Divinity Julian Huxley

Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science National Academy of Sciences

The Ten Commandments Joseph Lewis

The Humanist Way: An Introduction to Ethical Humanist Religion Edward Ericson

Religious Naturalism: Humanistic versus Theistic J. Wesley Robbins

Essays on Pragmatic Naturalism J. Wesley Robbins

Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism A collection of essays published yearly by Humanists of Houston; edited by Marian Hillar